Cocktail Menu

  • Drink Me!

    Sencha green tea, lemon, crème de violette, absinthe, soda water, and gin.
  • Mint Tea

    Mint leaves, cashew kefir, lime, cucumber water, and gin.
  • Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

    Butterfly pea flower tea, oolong tea, plum, ginger, lemongrass, agave, plum bitters, petal dust, and gin
  • Chai Tea

    Chai spices, Averna amaro, falernum, orange zest, oak smoke, and gin

What's included?

  • The Mad Hatter's (Gin &) Tea Party offers guests a chance to take a trip down the rabbit hole into an immersive, 1.5 hour-long cocktail experience with teatime snacks hosted by the Hatter himself and some of his equally mad friends.
  • Get started with a small welcome drink and then 3 crazy craft cocktails in this mad tea party all while wearing a Mad Hatter hat.
  • All this and more will take place in a secret Wonderland garden in Los Angeles.