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Get lost in Wonderland!

Step through an unassuming door in Notting Hill and prepare to be led into a very strange hat shop, indeed… This trip down the rabbit hole into an immersive wonderland has already won rave reviews for its recent tea party in Los Angeles. Your hosts for the evening, The Mad Hatter and her even madder guests, invite you to delight and bewitch the senses as you enjoy a 90-minute psychedelic cocktail menu. Four tantalising Boë Gin cocktails await you, each carefully constructed from curious ingredients that'll befuddle your taste buds. Don’t be late for this very important date or it'll be 'off with your head'!

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What’s included?

  • Each ticket is entrance for one guest to take a trip down the rabbit hole and into an immersive 1.5 hour-long cocktail experience hosted by the Mad Hatter herself and some of her equally mad friends.
  • A Boë Gin welcome drink, 3 tantalisingly tasty Boë Gin cocktails and tea time snacks will be served throughout, all whilst wearing a brilliantly bonkers tea party hat.
  • All this and more will take place in a secret Wonderland set in London’s Notting Hill.
  • After the experience you can visit The Cheshire Cat where further drinks and food will be available for purchase.

Cocktail Menu

  • Cheshire Cat Gin

    Welcome Drink
    Boë Passion Fruit Gin, Cranberry Juice, Boë Scottish Bramble and Lime Wedge
  • JaBOËwocky

    Boë Passion Fruit Gin, Lime Juice, Vanilla Syrup, Brown Sugar, Mint Leaves, Lime Wedges, Soda and garnished with half a Passion Fruit
  • Alice's Boë

    Boë Violet Gin, Lemon Juice and Lemonade
  • Drink Me Boë

    Boë Violet Gin, Boë Scottish Bramble, Rose Lemonade and garnished with Sliced Apple

Mad Hatter London Location

125-127 Westbourne Park Road, London, England, W2 5QL


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Show FAQs
Where is the event located?
Our Mad Tea Party will take place right in the heart of London. Specifically at 125-127 Westbourne Park Road, London, W2 5QL.
Is this a restaurant? What kind of food do you serve?
We are not a restaurant, nor do we serve actual meals. However, small snacks are served during the experience and further food and drink is available to purchase from The Cheshire Cat bar.
Will you have vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free treats available?
All drinks are 100% vegan and gluten-free, as well as some of the afternoon treats. Unfortunately we are not able to accomodate replacements at this time.
Help! I’m allergic to [insert allergy here].
Fret not! Make a note of your allergies when purchasing a ticket or if you’ve already purchased your ticket, contact us at so we can make note of it. If you have a severe food allergy, please inform us about it; we recommend that you do not indulge in our treats, despite how tempting they are!
What kind of liquor will be served?
Our tantalizing cocktails are concocted with Boë gin.
I don’t drink. Will there be non-alcoholic options available?
Of course! We’d love to have everyone at our tea party, even those who prefer their cocktails without booze.
Will it be wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately, the venue is not suitable for wheelchair users.
I can’t make it to any of the dates available. Will you be having more sessions?
Though our sessions currently have an end date, the tea party never really ends, so there is a chance we may have additional sessions in the future.
What is your refund/exchange policy?
All tickets are non-refundable. Ticket non-refund terms and conditions are agreed to before purchase. In special circumstances, we may be able to help reschedule your ticket to another date and session that has not already sold out. Please contact for more information. Be sure to include your ticket order number.
Do you offer group discounts?
At this time, no, we do not!
Is this a kid-friendly environment?
Oh how we do cherish the little ones! However, this tea party is strictly over 18’s.
What is the dress code?
Casual (Alice in Wonderland costume very welcome!)
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Good question.

Program Credits

Dave The knave/The Red Queen - Len Blanco
Dave The Knave / Queen of Hearts - Scott Wilson-Besgrove & James Boswell
Dormouse/Rabbit/Duchess - Peter Callaghan & Dale Hughes
Mad Hatter - Molly Morossa & Leah Kirby
Adapted from Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and its sequel "Through the Looking-Glass"


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